Every Wednesday Night: Prayer and Bible Study @ 7 PM  -

Every Wednesday Night: Prayer and Bible Study @ 7 PM
Where we take time to pray for those in need of the Lord's help. We raise our voices to the Lord in prayer. 
Afterwards, we engage in Bible Study. We are following the course study of The ABCs of Christian Maturity. The more you know about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the more mature you will become and the closer your relationship will be with Him!
This is your invite to...COME JOIN US!!
When you come to our church, you will find that we areb currently studying the "Bride of Christ."  You can also join us on Facebook if you want to follow along. Go to your facebook.com, search: "Calvary baptist church of rio linda ca". Then, select the Wednesday study you are interested in. Now, it goes without saying, that if  you are in the classroom when we study, you will find that you WILL GET MORE from the study than over a media channel. So, come to the classes. There is generally nothing holding you back from coming, except yourself.  .